Friday, October 18, 2013

New Radiant Controls!

Introducing new radiant and snow melting controls

Watts Radiant now has new control options!

The Radiant Thermostat 519 is replacing our line of DualTemp thermostats. With a simplified user interface, it is the ideal choice for spaces where maintaining a minimum floor temperature is desirable - bathrooms, kitchens, and sunrooms are just a few examples. Using pulse width modulation, the radiant thermostat is designed specifically for hydronic systems. The Radiant Thermostat 519 is easy to program, with an easy-to-read, backlit digital display. Changing the temperature is as easy as using the up and down buttons. Utilizing both an air and a floor sensor, you are able to control either the room or floor temperature, and even use them in combination.
Installation itself is simple, with clearly marked and easy accessible wiring terminals.
The Slab Sensor 079 is included with the Radiant Thermostat 519; however a redundant one may also be purchased if desired, for peace of mind.
We also offer the Adapter Plate 012, which can be used to mount the Radiant Thermostat 519 to a single gang electrical box rather than directly to the wall.

Our Mixing Control 356 is designed to control a mixing pump that is part of a heating system. It uses outdoor temperature reset to intelligently anticipate the needs of the mixing pump, improving response and efficiency.

We also have new options for your snow melting system. The Snow/Ice Sensor 091 (Socket) and the Snow/Ice Sensor 090 (In Slab) will be replacing the HSC-5 snow melting detector. System installation is simple - place the socket before the slab is poured, and then insert the sensor into the socket after the pour.
This new snow melting sensor will interface directly with the Snow Melting Control 654. This control offers great flexibility and choice of melting options. It can be as simple as a manually on/off switch, or as complex as a multi-zone, automatic, snow/ice detecting and melting system.
The Snow Sensor 095 (Air) will be replacing the LCD-1H. It can be mounted on the roof or a pole, and will also tie into the Snow Melting Control 654.

All of these controls have a one year warranty from date of installation.


  1. The 519 is a great replacement for the Dual Temp thermostat. We design with and sell them for radiant floor heating systems as well as without a floor sensor for baseboard or forced air zones.
    The 356 is a great injection control made by Tekmar (now owned by Watts) we use it for most variable speed injection mixing designs. Easy to install at a great price.
    Give us a call for a free design quote using these great Watts Radiant controls and tubing at:

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