Thursday, November 15, 2012

Introducing RadiantPERT

Introducing RadiantPERT, a new product from Watts Radiant.

What is RadiantPERT?

RadiantPERT is a new type of tubing manufactured from a compound developed by Dow Chemicals. The compound we use is DOWLEX 2344 PE-RT (PE-RT stands for Polyethylene Raised Temperature). This is the most flexible of the DOWLEX compounds.
Dow has been selling these compounds in Europe since 1982. In 1999 they began to develop it for the North American market. The standards are now at a point where we feel this product can be used for our radiant applications.
One thing to keep in mind is the slightly different specification that RadiantPERT has reguarding pressure and temperature. RadiantPERT is rated at 80 psi at 180 degrees. This 180 degrees is the maximum temperature water that can be run through RadiantPERT. No higher temperature is allowed under the specification. Other than that small difference, RadiantPERT is rated to the same specifications as RadiantPEX+.

What are the advantages of RadiantPERT?

First, RadiantPERT is more flexible than RadiantPEX+. This allows it to more easily achieve some installations RadiantPEX+ has problems with. For instance, in a snowmelt system with typical 9" spacing, 3/4" tubing usually requires a "lightbulb" at the end. If you used RadiantPERT in this situation, you would not need to worry about lightbulbs. The bend radius of 3/4" RadiantPERT is 4-3/8". This added flexibility will also allow easier installations in staple-up situations when trying to work around joist bays.
Another advantage to RadiantPERT is a greener manufacturing process then RadiantPEX+. During manufacture there are no chemicals needed to perform a crosslink, as is required for RadiantPEX+. In fact, RadiantPERT does not need crosslinking at all, which leads to faster production. Because crosslinking is not used, there is no need for a cure time, the tubing can be produced and send directly to QC and then packaging. No delay and no waiting. Production will be able to respond quicker to demand.

RadiantPERT is dimensionally the same as RadiantPEX+. This means that all of our RadiantPEX+ fittings and manifolds can be used with RadiantPERT. No need to learn new fittings or installation rules; it's all the same as the RadiantPEX+ you know.

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  1. We use PERT radiant floor tubing in our design/build business every week. Brilliant!