Monday, February 1, 2010

Watts Radiant introduces NEW Crimp Fittings and power tools for 1-1/2” PEX

Watts Radiant is pleased to introduce CrimpRings and connections for 1 ½” RadiantPEX tubing. Now fast and easy crimp connections are possible with larger diameter 1 ½” RadiantPEX applications.

Available in:
1-½” x 1-½” crimp coupling
1-½” crimp x 1-½” MPT
1-½” crimp x 1-½”male sweat adapter
1-½” crimp x 1-½” female sweat adapter

Our fittings are designed to be used with ASTM F876 (SDR-9) rated RadiantPEX tubing.

Temperature and pressure ratings:
Max. Operating Temperature 180°F.
Max. Operating Pressure 100 psi.

We have also expanded our crimp jaws for our corded and cordless power tools to include the 1-½”size. For those who currently use the RIGID® Model 320-E Cordless Press Tool®, our 1-½” crimp jaws are fully compatible.

With material costs and labor a fraction of copper pipe, RadiantPEX using our new crimp fittings is the perfect choice for distribution lines to commercial or large residential radiant zones, snowmelt zones, or other hydronic applications.

For more information regarding this or other Watts Radiant products, visit our website at or call 800-276-2419.

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